Monday, 8 March 2010

A Long British Winter

Greetings from a library computer during my lunch break. This is where I must retreat to for internet access as my workplace does not allow us to use the computers during lunch. A little bit silly if you ask me. On a positive note though, I am preferring these lunchtime posts as I am a little bit more awake. Awake despite the double glass measure of sherry I had last night for ... absolutely no good reason that I can think of other than it seeming like a good idea at the time.

Yesterday I actually got my head down and did some serious work on my business website. I am very nearly in a position to buy the domain but there is still one nagging problem that I must overcome - I'll keep this particular problem to myself. Other than that, the weekend was not particularly productive - I have not yet informed my mate that we are about to embark on step 5 of the millionaire challenge and I have still not yet decided whether ot not to transfer my poker account to Perpetuum as yet.

For the time being I am content to worry about two things - my workload which is very busy and quite frankly something I am not looking forward to returning to in 15 minutes time; and also the weather which is even worse. This might very well be the coldest day of the year so far and it is March - we are meant to be in Spring. It is very sunny though - I may start wearing sunglasses if it stays like this.

Finally, congrats to The Hurt Locker which managed to overcome the Avatar juggernaut along with indie favourite Tarantino at last night's Oscars. Although I haven't seen any of the nominated films as yet, the one I've heard the best reviews for was Up. Here's hoping that one day an animated feature will take down the big prize.

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