Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Poker Saves The Day

I was thinking today about how I should write my posts in the morning rather than after work in the evening. I woke up this morning and everything in my head was clear regarding what I had done the past few days and my plans for the rest of the week. After 8+ hours at work, the brain starts to clam up a little. Anyway I'll try my best.

On Sunday, I found a poker site called Perpetuum Poker that might be suitable for moving to - I will monitor it to see if there is enough action. However, as if by fate, this prompted a remarkable turnaround in my poker fortunes that very well may have saved step 4 just as it was facing oblivion. It was really needed - going through my emails at work, I realised that we haven't been told about overtime for over a month even though I know full well they are going on. This added to the fact that the workload is beginning to get on top of the team at the moment even with an extra staff member returning from annual leave.

I also need to be more careful with my burgeoning business - a couple of occasions now, I have left some written plans at work overnight. Not very wise. Talking of it, i am very nearly at stage 2 of the plans or perhaps stage 1b which will involve a bit of home studying. Anyway onto the stats:

Starting Roll: £1619.73
Petrol - £4
2 x Day's Work + £101
2 x Poker Sessions + £152
Current Roll: £1868.73

And all of a sudden, with 5 days still remaining, it looks as though I may very well be there. Tomorrow will be a bit of a shopping day for me - I'm looking for new shoes, trousers, some DVDs and a sat nav - I'll try and keep the spending under £80 if possible.

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