Sunday, 28 February 2010

Onto The Final Week

Not a lot to report today. I went to the local supermarket today bacause I had read they has a special offer on the sat nav I wanted. When I got there I found the offer had expired so I cam back home. I'll have a look at another supermarket tomorrow. As for searching for alternative poker sites - I'll probably have a browse later this evening.

As for step 4 of the millionaire challenge - I am currently on £1619.73. This leaves me one week to get to 2k which is looking increasingly unlikely at this juncture. I will look to do some overtime if possible during the week and also have my usual poker sessions on Monday and Tuesday evenings and we will just have to see how it goes. My business plan is still a long way from taking off and I have some website designing to do before I can even start contacting clients or suppliers.

Here's hoping that the weather picks up a bit too - a change in weather is said to spark a change in fortunes.

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Pay Day

As it was the last day of the month. Friday's at our work are casual clothes day, helping to generate a bit more of a relaxed atmosphere. Unfortunately, my Fridays always seem to extremely busy. I now have a nice large workload to look forward to on Monday. Not much to report to be honest - my thoughts during the week were focussed on my skin problems which I've already started to address with some results. Today, I began to focus more on my business idea. I am getting to the stage where I am going to have to make some key decisions.

Starting Roll: £1576.23
Haircut: - £15
Petrol - £2
Poker Session + £10
Day's Work + £50.50
Current Roll: £1619.73

So I am required to make a little under £400 in 8 days. Looking ropey. Tomorrow, I will continue my search for alternative poker sites to ply my trade. Am also looking to buy a sat nav system for the car. On a sporting side note, a bad result for both my local football team today and the England rugby side.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

A Millon Bucks

That is how I felt this morning when I woke up. Contrary to my last post title, this week has whizzed by. I have no clue as to why I was in such a good mood this morning - although I think I have finally recovered from my stomach illness, I am having a few skin problems both on my face and around my knuckles. I am making slow progress with my business plan, the weather's terrible, work is busy and I even had a drink the night before which I rarely do.

Starting Roll: £1445.73
Poker Session: - £15
Petrol: - £6
3 Day's Work: + £151.50
Current Roll: £1576.23

With a week to go, it's not looking too promising. I must say that day to day working is tiring - I come home knackered each evening, including this one! Tends to leave time for eating, emails + blog, washing and maybe a bit of exercise but little else. Still tomorrow's another day and the business plan continues to keep me going.

Monday, 22 February 2010

A Long Week Ahead

So we had a person move off the team temporarily and the team leader wasn't in which added up to a busy day and will possibly lead to a busy week. I even felt a little stressed today although perhaps that was due to the freezing weather and the fact that is is a Monday. My business plan is also moving along slowly, although before I can get it really moving I will have to have some a meeting with my business partner and perhaps talk to someone in IT about costs for creating the website.

Starting Roll: £1393.23
Poker Session: + £2
Day's Work: + £50.50
Current Roll: £1445.73

A week and 6 days to make up more than half the difference - tough. Tomorrow I think I'll enquire about overtime although if there's no extra pay I won't be doing it. I also think I need to be a bit more disciplined. I've been making my own sandwiches which is a start!

Sunday, 21 February 2010

A Busy Weekend

It began with news of our first gold medal in yonks - congrats Amy Williams! Then came another dour poker session. I believe I will have to move poker site as I am simply not getting enough action in my preferred games to make it worth my while. Until I do, it will actually make more sense for me to do some overtime at work. Then it was onto my friend's 26th birthday celebrations - was a good night in fact and one I enjoyed more than I thought I would.

Today, we stopped by another friend's pub as it was his last day managing there. Whilst he is in between jobs, he may be a perfect partner for my burgeoning business! In the meantime, I plan to spend the upcoming week doing more data gathering, looking for new poker sites and hopefully looking into getting some overtime done.

Weekend Starting Roll: £1412.23
Poker Session: - £19
Current Roll: £1393.23

So I'm pretty much still where I was before the weekend except I now only have 2 weeks to reach the 2 G goal.

Friday, 19 February 2010

An Uphill Battle

The last 3 days at work have been very busy and frankly not much fun. One person has left the team due to stress, I was told I wasn't allowed to do overtime until next week and I was unable to make much progress on my new business idea. Still its Friday now so shouldn't complain.

Starting Roll: £1304.77
Petrol - £6
Birthday Present - £3
New Work Shoes - £34.99
3 x Day's Work + £151.50
Current Roll: £1412.23

This gives me another 2 weeks and 2 days to earn £587.77 which is becoming a taller order each time I think about it. On a side note, I am slowly but surely recovering from the stomach illness that's been plagueing me over the last couple of weeks and I should be back out and about for a friend's birthday over the weekend. Tonight, I look forward to hopefully what will be our first medal in this year's Winter Olympics.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Step 4

I should've posted yesterday. I was feeling quite fresh yesterday and quite knackered today. And what's more, with one of the girls likely to be off tomorrow, I've got a huge workload to look forward to. One pleasant surprise though over the last couple of day's is my Mum's belated birthday gift which could help towards this difficult step.

Am still not back to full health following my bout of food poisoning but am in high spirits as my business plan is moving along at a nice speed even though most of the work at this stage is data gathering and entry. Yahoo Answers came up with jack all as its been prone to these days and I really do think that it'll be difficult to make any serious moolah from overtime over the next few weeks. But anyway here's the current state of affairs after 2 days:

Starting Roll: £1048.77
Petrol: - £4
2 x Day's Work + £101
Mum's birthday present: + £180
Poker Session: - £21
Current Roll: £1304.77

So this leaves me £686.23 to make in 2 weeks and 5 days. By my very rough calculations this will mean that working my normal hours will leave me about £190 short. One good poker session perhaps? 20+ hours of overtime is unrealistic, ah well I'll have to get my thinking cap on. In the meantime, there's Champion's League football on tonight - go Man Utd!

Sunday, 14 February 2010

The Plan

Still not fully recovered from the stomach bug I picked up earlier this week. This is definitely the worst bout of food poisoning I can ever remember having. As such, I've decided to forego the poker this weekend and concentrate on my plan of attack for step four. I basically need to make around £950 in 3 weeks.

3 weeks work will give me approx £725 (including the petrol expenses). This gives me around £225 to make in the hours around work. Yahoo Answers has suggested painting a neighbour's door for £150 or organising a football tournament with a £30 entry fee. I really don't think either of these are realistic. If I could paint doors for £150, I'd quit my job and where am I gonna find free land to organise this footie tourn and more importantly who is gonna pay that £30 entry fee?

Well, first option is overtime, but I think that may be a bit shaky for me for the time being since I've been late and sick recently. I may be allowed to do some next month though. I have also lined up do some dog walking at lunch breaks for £50 a month. That probably also won't start until next month. Which for the time being leaves me poker to get me through - £75 a week probably means I'll have to play for 4 hours each week, should be fine as I usually aim for six.

In the meantime I am also working on a secret business idea I've had and will probably working on it throughout next week - this will hopefully be a source of some substantial extra income if all goes well. As for step 4, it starts Monday.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Still Here

I guess it was always going to happen - first the efficient run of daily updates came to an end when my last post was a day late. And now I'm a week late! However, the longer the time periods, the harder it is to maintain these daily posts. Not that I ever seem to run out of things to say!

So anyway where were we? My birthday weekend was unevental apart from a meal at a restaurant and a negative poker session earlier during the day. I also spent a fair whack on treats for people at work. Tuesday, however saw me pick up something nasty which led to me taking first sick day off work in over 3 years - guess the run had to come to an end sometime. Looking back I'm pretty sure it was a dodgy curry that caused the illness and I can't say my stomach has ever felt worse. I had to take Thursday off as well - which might have been a good opportunity to update my blog if I hadn't felt so rough!

And then Friday - end of the week - managed to make it in to work but to be honest am still not back to full health. As the deadline for the current step is tomorrow, let's see where I am with the figures:

Starting Roll: £889.27
Weekend Poker Session: - £19
Birthday Treats: - £19
Birthday Presents: + £50
Petrol (Mon, Tue + Fri) - £6
Work (Mon, Tue + Fri) + £151.50
End of Friday Roll: £1048.77

And so I actually made it before the weekend. I also did it with some 2 days to spare which is promising, considering I was out of action for 2 days. So onto step 4 - now the gears are rising. Before I start this step, I hope to outline a rough plan of action for it. This will also give me a chance to give updates on my current business ideas and employment situation in the posts I make before the next step.

On a final note, one UK euromillion winner pocketed £56 million last night. I had a strong urge to buy one but forgot in the end! Makes you wonder what if?

Saturday, 6 February 2010

A Few Drinks

I got some birthday gives at work today which was really nice. Athough I promised I would bring in some homemade treats on Monday - and I am now beginning to wonder what food I it is I am supposedly going to be making. I also went out for drinks afterwards with a former work colleague and almost lost my birthday gifts in the process (I left them in 2 bars and they got handed in both times).

It was a good catch up and we talked a bit about possible business ideas. One thing we both agreed was a good idea was buying and selling of property. I've always thought this would be a good final business to get involved in although on that would obviously require a lot of money. Having said that a mate of mine whom I'm looking at houses with has suggested would could buy a run-down place to live in and spend our spare time doing it up before selling up and moving on. I think its a good plan myself.

Starting Roll: £858.07
Train: - £2.80
Evening Out: - £16.50
Day's Work: + £50.50
Current Roll: £889.27

So this leaves me 8 days to chock together £110.73. I decided not to do anything for my birthday weekend as I haven't really planned anything - or perhaps I am just plain lazy.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Calm before the storm

The next few days could see some big fluctuations in my bankroll as a planned night out on friday along with my birthday weekend approaches. So I enjoyed this relatively quiet day. Am absolutely knackered mind so will keep this post short today.

Starting Roll: £814.30
Petrol: - £2
Sweets and Newspaper: - £4.73
Day's Work: + £50.50
Current Roll: £858.07

Leaves me £141.93 to gain in 10 days to complete this step. The sweets were for my work colleagues - Cadbury's Creme Eggs... yum!

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

A Slow Day

A day that did actually start very well. I was given a bit of a shock as my car passed its M.O.T. first time and not only that but it was all done and dusted in time for me to arrive at work without being late. The workload at the office looked pretty good too and all was fine until my computer crashed for the fourth time in four days. I think IT have finally fixed it but I'm not counting my chickens and we'll just have to wait and see tomorrow.

My spare time at the moment is currently being pre-occupied with looking for and applying for new jobs as well as thinking about whether or not I should arrange something for my birthday this weekend. I will also be looking ahead to Step Four as i think i will have to do some pre-planning for that step.

Starting Roll: £815.80
Petrol: - £2
MOT: - £50
Day's Work + £50.50
Current Roll: £814.30

So I now have 11 days to make £185.70.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

A False Economy

That is my what mate calls the poker world and to a certain degree he is right. However good I get at poker, it would be extremely risky to turn professional. I would say not even worth considering unless I thought I could earn at least 2.5 times the amount of a salary job. Talking of salary jobs, my job hunt is going slowly in that I have yet to get an interview but I believe patience and persistance will win the day. In the meantime, I can be content with the fact that tonight's poker session has almost guaranteed i will be on step 4 (so long as don't blow it all at the weekend!).

Last weekend I spent some considerable time thinking about what things I could do in my spare time and hopefully over the next few posts, I will have a chance to share some of those ideas. For starters, I have been thinking of trying to create a new type of food - possibly an alternative to the sandwich / wrap. However as yet I have not come up with anything substantial so the food industry will have to wait while i look at some other ideas.

Starting Roll: £551.30
Petrol: - £2
Day's Work: + £50.50
Poker Session: + £216
Current Roll: £815.80

Leaving me 12 days to earn £184.20. All of a sudden it looks a lot more promising! Especially as i already knew I would have spend some money on the car this week - starting with tomorrow morning's M.O.T.

Monday, 1 February 2010

Step 3 begins

Not a good start today, I get caught in traffic in the morning and end up getting into work an hour late. An hour late! The most I'd ever been late before as a result of traffic was 15 minutes. My workplace is after all only 5 miles away and yet the journey took me an hour and 40 minutes this morning.

They'll dock my pay for it so I guess I should overtime at some point to try and make it up. On the plus side, I had a midweek poker session finish in the black for the first time since I started this challenge. This step is undoubtedly going to be toughest yet and the first one I'm not completely confident of completing within the timescale. Yahoo Answers came up with no ideas for me. It did however suggest that I may be able to pass my MOT despite my wheel problems - here's hoping they're right.

Oh and the bad news over the weekend was that Murray lost - got completely outplayed in fact by a Federer that was at the top of his game.

Starting Roll: £507.50
Sponsoring Work Colleague - £4
Poker Session: + £4
Day's Work + £43.80
Current Roll: £551.30

That gives me 13 days left to make £448.70. By no means a done deal. Oh yeah, and I did not win anything on the lottery on Friday. Quite frankly, I was half hoping not to - I am beginning to believe that if I do make some serious moolah, I would like to earn it through innovation and hard work rather than by sheer luck.