Saturday, 6 March 2010

Job Done

After my musings of previous posts, I decided to post a bit earlier in the day, when my brain is a little more kosha and I am not struggling to remember what I did 5 minutes ago.

Starting Roll: £1960.73
Petrol - £2
Work Colleague's Birthday: - £3
Day's Work: + £50.50
Finishing Roll: £2046.23

That was the action on Friday. And that conculdes the tricky step four. I think I'll have a short break before attempting the climb up what appears to be the insurmountable step five. One of my mates previously said he would join me on this step - I'll have to see if he's still up for it. For the time being I'll reduce my postings from 4 to 3-a-week, basically every alternating day.

Today has not been productive so far. I've spent the morning wondering whether Perpetuum Poker has enough action for me to migrate to. Still undecided. Perhaps I'll also make an outing to pick up a sat nav later today. most of my weekend though, I do hope to spend working on designing a website for the business. By my next post, I hope I'll have got this done!

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