Wednesday, 10 March 2010

End Of Week Madness

I am writing my post now before a gauntlet of a run-in to the end of the week. The last couple of days have been relatively hectic too. For the first time in a while, my head is a little bit all over the place and I seem to have lost my drive and focus. I think when embarking on a challenge such as this one, being focussed is perhaps one of the most important assets. It could be that I am beginning to get fed up of the cold weather and or the busyness at work. It has got progressively worse and in fact for tomorrow, we will be roping in people from other teams to help out with our workload.

Talking of which, I am doing overtime tomorrow - working until 7-30pm which will be knackering. Then Friday is a night out with mates. There's a birthday bash on Saturday and finally Mother's Day on Sunday. Perhaps all I need is a little break! Apart from that, there is not much to report other than that I've finally got around to buying a sat nav and congrats to Arsenal on last night's thrashing of Porto!

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