Sunday, 28 February 2010

Onto The Final Week

Not a lot to report today. I went to the local supermarket today bacause I had read they has a special offer on the sat nav I wanted. When I got there I found the offer had expired so I cam back home. I'll have a look at another supermarket tomorrow. As for searching for alternative poker sites - I'll probably have a browse later this evening.

As for step 4 of the millionaire challenge - I am currently on £1619.73. This leaves me one week to get to 2k which is looking increasingly unlikely at this juncture. I will look to do some overtime if possible during the week and also have my usual poker sessions on Monday and Tuesday evenings and we will just have to see how it goes. My business plan is still a long way from taking off and I have some website designing to do before I can even start contacting clients or suppliers.

Here's hoping that the weather picks up a bit too - a change in weather is said to spark a change in fortunes.

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