Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Day Two

Although I am currently in a stable job that should see me through the first few steps, I should probably use this opportunity to look ahead to how I will complete some of the later ones as my current earnings will not achieve those targets. I have options to do overtime, I generally earn more than I lose at online poker and i suppose i could do some odd jobs at lunchtime and at the weekends. But to make a million, realistically I suspect there will need to be a certain amount of entrepreneurship involved.

For the meantime, another day at work, another jump closer to completing step one:

Starting Roll: £167.50
Petrol: - £2
Poker Session: - £7
Work: +£50.50
Current Roll: £209

So that means 5 days left to make an extra £41

If you hadn't guessed already, I live in the UK which is why I am dealing in pounds. We are expecting some proper heavy snow tomorrow which might affect work.

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