Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Miserable Day

Yes a bit of a dour day today as the post title hints. Another bad poker session has led me to decide on not playing poker on wednesdays, again simply due to the fatigue factor. I've also had problems with the car. With an MOT due, I am having a mini crisis as my spare wheel is not particularly roadworthy. I won't go into details but my plan to take the MOT tomorrow is now in serious jeopardy. And to top it all off it is bloody cold.

Starting Roll: £331.50
Petrol: - £2
Poker Session: - £15
Day's Work: + £50.50
Current Roll: £365

Leaving me 8 days to patch together £135. The only upside from today was Andy Murray getting through to the Aussie Open Semis.

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