Thursday, 28 January 2010

Scrapyards and Ebay

That is where I'll be spending my weekend. A mechanic friend who I visited today told me that there is no way of me refitting the spare tyre so I will have to get a new one. Bummer! I didn't have a great day at work either - my computer crashed during the afternoon and when IT support fixed it I had a complete mental block and could not remember my password for the life of me. Perhaps I am going senile at 25! Still almost the end of the week and in fact it's pay day tomorrow.

Starting Roll: £410.50
Petrol: - £2
Day's Work: + £50.50
Current Roll: £459

This gives me 6 days to earn £41. Congrats to Muzza for reaching his second grand slam final - all eyes on Federer tomorrow in the semis.

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