Saturday, 13 February 2010

Still Here

I guess it was always going to happen - first the efficient run of daily updates came to an end when my last post was a day late. And now I'm a week late! However, the longer the time periods, the harder it is to maintain these daily posts. Not that I ever seem to run out of things to say!

So anyway where were we? My birthday weekend was unevental apart from a meal at a restaurant and a negative poker session earlier during the day. I also spent a fair whack on treats for people at work. Tuesday, however saw me pick up something nasty which led to me taking first sick day off work in over 3 years - guess the run had to come to an end sometime. Looking back I'm pretty sure it was a dodgy curry that caused the illness and I can't say my stomach has ever felt worse. I had to take Thursday off as well - which might have been a good opportunity to update my blog if I hadn't felt so rough!

And then Friday - end of the week - managed to make it in to work but to be honest am still not back to full health. As the deadline for the current step is tomorrow, let's see where I am with the figures:

Starting Roll: £889.27
Weekend Poker Session: - £19
Birthday Treats: - £19
Birthday Presents: + £50
Petrol (Mon, Tue + Fri) - £6
Work (Mon, Tue + Fri) + £151.50
End of Friday Roll: £1048.77

And so I actually made it before the weekend. I also did it with some 2 days to spare which is promising, considering I was out of action for 2 days. So onto step 4 - now the gears are rising. Before I start this step, I hope to outline a rough plan of action for it. This will also give me a chance to give updates on my current business ideas and employment situation in the posts I make before the next step.

On a final note, one UK euromillion winner pocketed £56 million last night. I had a strong urge to buy one but forgot in the end! Makes you wonder what if?

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