Monday, 1 February 2010

Step 3 begins

Not a good start today, I get caught in traffic in the morning and end up getting into work an hour late. An hour late! The most I'd ever been late before as a result of traffic was 15 minutes. My workplace is after all only 5 miles away and yet the journey took me an hour and 40 minutes this morning.

They'll dock my pay for it so I guess I should overtime at some point to try and make it up. On the plus side, I had a midweek poker session finish in the black for the first time since I started this challenge. This step is undoubtedly going to be toughest yet and the first one I'm not completely confident of completing within the timescale. Yahoo Answers came up with no ideas for me. It did however suggest that I may be able to pass my MOT despite my wheel problems - here's hoping they're right.

Oh and the bad news over the weekend was that Murray lost - got completely outplayed in fact by a Federer that was at the top of his game.

Starting Roll: £507.50
Sponsoring Work Colleague - £4
Poker Session: + £4
Day's Work + £43.80
Current Roll: £551.30

That gives me 13 days left to make £448.70. By no means a done deal. Oh yeah, and I did not win anything on the lottery on Friday. Quite frankly, I was half hoping not to - I am beginning to believe that if I do make some serious moolah, I would like to earn it through innovation and hard work rather than by sheer luck.

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