Sunday, 14 February 2010

The Plan

Still not fully recovered from the stomach bug I picked up earlier this week. This is definitely the worst bout of food poisoning I can ever remember having. As such, I've decided to forego the poker this weekend and concentrate on my plan of attack for step four. I basically need to make around £950 in 3 weeks.

3 weeks work will give me approx £725 (including the petrol expenses). This gives me around £225 to make in the hours around work. Yahoo Answers has suggested painting a neighbour's door for £150 or organising a football tournament with a £30 entry fee. I really don't think either of these are realistic. If I could paint doors for £150, I'd quit my job and where am I gonna find free land to organise this footie tourn and more importantly who is gonna pay that £30 entry fee?

Well, first option is overtime, but I think that may be a bit shaky for me for the time being since I've been late and sick recently. I may be allowed to do some next month though. I have also lined up do some dog walking at lunch breaks for £50 a month. That probably also won't start until next month. Which for the time being leaves me poker to get me through - £75 a week probably means I'll have to play for 4 hours each week, should be fine as I usually aim for six.

In the meantime I am also working on a secret business idea I've had and will probably working on it throughout next week - this will hopefully be a source of some substantial extra income if all goes well. As for step 4, it starts Monday.

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