Sunday, 21 February 2010

A Busy Weekend

It began with news of our first gold medal in yonks - congrats Amy Williams! Then came another dour poker session. I believe I will have to move poker site as I am simply not getting enough action in my preferred games to make it worth my while. Until I do, it will actually make more sense for me to do some overtime at work. Then it was onto my friend's 26th birthday celebrations - was a good night in fact and one I enjoyed more than I thought I would.

Today, we stopped by another friend's pub as it was his last day managing there. Whilst he is in between jobs, he may be a perfect partner for my burgeoning business! In the meantime, I plan to spend the upcoming week doing more data gathering, looking for new poker sites and hopefully looking into getting some overtime done.

Weekend Starting Roll: £1412.23
Poker Session: - £19
Current Roll: £1393.23

So I'm pretty much still where I was before the weekend except I now only have 2 weeks to reach the 2 G goal.

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