Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Step 4

I should've posted yesterday. I was feeling quite fresh yesterday and quite knackered today. And what's more, with one of the girls likely to be off tomorrow, I've got a huge workload to look forward to. One pleasant surprise though over the last couple of day's is my Mum's belated birthday gift which could help towards this difficult step.

Am still not back to full health following my bout of food poisoning but am in high spirits as my business plan is moving along at a nice speed even though most of the work at this stage is data gathering and entry. Yahoo Answers came up with jack all as its been prone to these days and I really do think that it'll be difficult to make any serious moolah from overtime over the next few weeks. But anyway here's the current state of affairs after 2 days:

Starting Roll: £1048.77
Petrol: - £4
2 x Day's Work + £101
Mum's birthday present: + £180
Poker Session: - £21
Current Roll: £1304.77

So this leaves me £686.23 to make in 2 weeks and 5 days. By my very rough calculations this will mean that working my normal hours will leave me about £190 short. One good poker session perhaps? 20+ hours of overtime is unrealistic, ah well I'll have to get my thinking cap on. In the meantime, there's Champion's League football on tonight - go Man Utd!

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